Slim Jaw Injection

  • Slim Jaw Injection

Is there a cosmetic treatment for broad jaws?

A square jaw or a prominent lower jaw is usually viewed as a masculine feature. Though, the square jaw is considered to be a positive trait for men, it can be considered unappealing for women.

A prominent jaw line can be either congenital or developmental. Chewing gum, clenching teeth and bruxism (teeth grinding) increases the size of the chewing muscles (masseter) and manifests the jaw to look squarer.

Nonsurgical treatment is usually by means of anti-wrinkle injections. Anti-wrinkle injection is injected into the masseter muscle, which blocks the nerve signals to the muscle, and partly relaxes the muscle and reduces its size. The treatment is less time consuming with much less discomfort, and atients can usually drive back home soon after the procedure. The effect of the injection is temporary and repeat injections are required to maintain the new look. One of the potential complications of the procedure is the temporary paralysis of the muscles that move the lips.

What are the benefits of slim jaw injections?

The benefits of slim jaw injections are personal and can be extremely helpful if you are unhappy with a protruding jaw or a masculine face. Patients undergoing slim jaw injections may also be benefited psychologically with improved self-esteem and confidence with their new look.