Dermal Filler Treatment

There are several types of injectable fillers available to treat nasolabial folds based on the patient’s requirement. Injectable filters are either temporary or permanent. Temporary fillers are made up of absorbable materials (those are absorbed by the body over time). At Restore Cosmetics we only use temporary dermal fillers. Depending on type of filler, the effects can last from 4 to 18 months. Different fillers are suited to different situations; therefore during your consultation we will advise you which one is the most suitable for you. Due to current Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA of Australia) regulations, the exact names and labels of the dermal fillers cannot be mentioned. It should be noted that we do not use permanent fillers as there are increased risks of serious complications, which may even occur years after administration. The dermal fillers are made up of a substance found naturally in the skin. This natural product minimalizes the risks of allergies and is safe to use. Dermal fillers can be differentiated by their thickness, viscosity and longevity; for example, the thinner and smoother fillers tend to not last as long as the thicker and more viscous fillers. The thinner and smoother fillers are generally used in areas where smoothness is essential. These fillers can be place superficially in the skin without causing lumps, for example around the eyes or upper lip. Thicker fillers are used for bulkier volumization, and are injected deeper than the finer dermal fillers, such as the cheeks or jawline.