Breast Enlargement (Under-armpit Incision)

Why Choose RCSS – Advantages

  • Breast Augmentation using the latest Breast Implant Procedure (Trans-Axillary) leaves no Scars on the Chest. Trans-axillary refers to the insertion of the implants through a natural crease in the armpit.
  • Highly skilled and experienced surgical practitioner: Dr Xu has been performing breast augmentation since 1989
  • Beautiful looking and natural feeling breasts
  • Individualised approach: incision through either the skin fold beneath the breast or armpit based on your skin type and personal preference
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What is breast augmentation/implant surgery?

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement/breast enhancement/breast implant surgery/ ‘boob job’, is an aesthetic procedure designed to enhance the size and shape of the breast by inserting implants.

What makes a beautiful breast – The 4 ideals:

  1. The proportion of the upper and lower pole is 45:55
  2. The angulation of the nipple is pointing upwards at 20 degrees
  3. The upper pole of the breast is slightly concave
  4. The lower pole of the breast is slightly convex

Who is a candidate for this operation?

Women pursue breast implant surgery for a variety of reasons, ranging from the need to correct congenital or developmental anatomical abnormalities, to the desire to restore breast to a more youthful shape and position, before breast feeding and age took their toll.  Other women might simply want to increase the size of their bust and cleavage, bringing it into alignment with their overall body shape.

What do you need to discuss in an initial consultation?

Breast augmentation works best when there is an even distribution of breast tissue above and below the nipple, and the nipple level is above the level of the skin fold beneath the breast.

The choices available for breast augmentation surgery relate to ideal implant, right implant placement and proper incision site.

  1. The implant

    During consultation for breast implant surgery, the first question you might ask is “Which implant is right for me?” With a diverse array of shapes, surface textures and sizes available breast implant choice can be tailored to suit just about every individual.

    When considering implant shape, texture and size, a decision is made with reference to your individual body type and aesthetic goals.  Dr Xu will guide you through an individual assessment process where measurements are taken to determine the anatomical limitations and allowances of the breasts, chest and soft tissue, and where you are encouraged to express what you like and dislike. 

    At RCSS, we recommend the use of silicone gel-filled implants because we believe that they offer a more nature feel. With both round and teardrop shapes available, enveloped in either textured or polyurethane foam silicone elastomer, there is an implant to suit you.

  2. Implant placement

    Similar to choosing texture and shape, deciding upon implant placement is a balancing act with benefits and drawback for each option.  Typically, there are three placement possibilities: sub-glandular (above muscle), sub-muscular (under muscle) and dual plane.

    During your visiting to RCSS, Dr Xu will consult and exam you carefully before he recommends the placement of implant, based on your individual anatomy and circumstance.

  3. Incision site

    The incision site will determine the visibility of scars and is generally decided based upon personal preference.  Understandably, you may have your own ideas about the positioning of scars and a surgery you are comfortable with.  Also, the surgical practitioner will usually have a preference based on visibility offered, amount of control possible and experience using a particular incision site.

    There are three incision sites commonly used: the crease under the breast (infra-mammary), armpit (trans-axillary) and around the nipple (peri-areolar).

    During consultation, Dr Xu will discuss and guide you for choosing incision sites based on your anatomy, skin type and personal preference.

What are risks and complications?

As with any surgery, breast implant operation involves some risks and potential complications.  They include: infection, haematoma, capsular contracture (formation of firm scar tissue around the implant), changes in nipple sensation and implant rupture, etc.

Before & after photos  

Breast enhancement can be one of the most satisfying operations, both for the patient and the surgical practitioner.  Please Click here to see some before and after photos in our photo gallery.