Mongolian Folds Correction

What are Mongolian folds?

Mongolian or epicanthal folds are skin folds of the upper eyelids that cover the inner corner of the eyes, resulting in the characteristic Asian appearance.

What is Mongolian folds correction?

If this fold is very pronounced, it may be corrected by surgery to remove or minimise it, making the eyes look bigger, less widely spaced and more alert. Many opt for this procedure to appear more Western.

How are Mongolian folds corrected?

Mongolian folds may be corrected by a procedure called medial epicanthal surgery, which involves making fine incisions in the region of the epicanthal fold in order to form a network of skin flaps. Extra skin may be removed. This is followed by suturing in a manner that avoids or minimises scar formation.

Can Mongolian fold correction be combined with any other surgery?

A procedure known as double eyelid surgery, which creates a crease in the upper eyelid, may also be performed in conjunction with medial epicanthal surgery for better overall results. In cases of less pronounced Mongolian folds, double eyelid surgery alone may produce a good cosmetic effect.

What are the risks of Mongolian folds correction?

Surgery is performed on the delicate area of the eye, very close to the tear ducts, posing a high risk of damage to it. Overcorrection of the Mongolian folds may result in an unnatural appearance.