Upper Eyelid Surgery

What is upper eyelid surgery?

Upper eyelid surgery, also called upper eyelid lift surgery or blepharoplasty, is a procedure to correct the puffiness, sagging and drooping of the upper eyelid skin. It is often performed to improve the appearance of your upper eyelids to give you a more youthful and refreshed look. Dr. Michael Xu uses the most advanced and reliable technique of internal (tarsal) fixation to help to restore an attractive contour above the eyes.

What causes upper eyelid skin hooding?

The upper eyelid skin is one of the finest skins in our body. As we age, our skin stretches and loses its elasticity. This excessive upper eyelid skin fold can cause hooding and in extreme cases, can even affect visual function.

What are the other indications for upper eyelid surgery?

Protruding fat can cause bulging of upper eyelid. This can make you look sleepy and unhappy. Another indication is drooping or “ptosis” of the upper eyelid, which can appear as a result of weakened lid-opening mechanism. An uneven upper eyelid crease can appear unsightly.

Upper eyelid surgery in Asians, often referred to as double eyelid surgery, is a highly specialised area of upper eyelid surgery, which Dr. Michael Xu performs frequently in the Asian population. Although the principles are similar to standard upper eyelid surgery, the surgical design and operative technique are different because there are distinct anatomic differences in Asian eyelids.

Dr. Michael Xu performs a careful assessment and identifies the problems to help you restore the freshness and life to your eyes.

Who is suitable for upper eyelid surgery?

Anyone who has hooding or excess skin, uneven upper eyelid crease, protruding fat or droopy upper eyelids is a good candidate for upper eyelid surgery. These unappealing features can make you appear tired, sleepy and worn out.

How do you prepare for upper eyelid surgery?

Formal consultation in our rooms is necessary to properly assess and discuss the issues concerning the upper eyelid. You will receive a comprehensive package, which includes written information about the procedure and detailed post-operative care instructions. Preoperative photographic documentation will be obtained during the consultation as well as answering all your questions regarding the procedure. A cooling off period of at least 7 days will be given as per Medical Board of Australia guidelines. A second or subsequent visit may be arranged if you have any further questions.

How is upper eyelid surgery performed?

Upper eyelid surgery can be performed under local or general anaesthesia. Dr. Michael Xu will explain the process to you before the surgery and answer any last minute questions. By using special precise instruments, preoperative skin markings will be planned prior to the start of the anaesthesia. Digital photographic documentation will again be obtained with your consent.

During the procedure, Dr. Michael Xu will precisely remove the excess skin and protruding fat to make sure that only the right amount is removed to achieve the desired result without causing a “hollow” effect. By using the advanced internal (tarsal) fixation technique, the underlying support of the upper eyelid will be returned to its previous pre-aging position. The skin will be closed using very fine sutures specially designed for this delicate area of the upper eyelid. Finally, special skin dressings will be applied to protect the area while maintaining comfort.

Where is the surgery performed?

If done under local anaesthesia, the surgery is performed in one of our fully equipped procedure rooms.

If you chose to have it done under general anaesthesia, the surgery will be performed in a fully accredited day surgery operating theatre.

How long does the recovery take?

Most patients can resume light activities in 48-72 hours. Sutures can be gently removed on the seventh day after surgery. Social activities may also be resumed during this time. Generally, recovery takes around 10-14 days.

There may be minimal swelling and bruising which will continue to improve with time and rest. Discomfort can be managed by taking oral analgesics. Detailed post-operative instruction will be provided and clearly explained by Dr. Michael Xu and his team.

Why choose Restore Cosmetic for your upper eyelid surgery?

Our fully equipped facility and our team at Restore Cosmetic provide you with the highest level of patient care in order to make your journey a satisfactory and pleasant experience.

Dr. Michael Xu has 30 years of experience in cosmetic procedures, his special interest in Asian upper eyelid surgery includes 10 years of practice in China where his individualized approach provided patients with long-lasting, well-balanced natural look.

We recommend to have a face to face consultations with Dr. Xu in order to thoroughly assess and further discuss with you about upper eyelid surgery. We encourage you to ask questions in order to be fully confident with your level of knowledge because at Restore Cosmetic, we believe that being well-informed is the primary step to starting your journey in cosmetic surgery.

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Upper Eyelid Surgery FAQs

All surgery carry potential risks. With upper eyelid surgery, the risks are rare and may include infection, bleeding and abnormal scarring. Incidence of complication is exceedingly small. Regular follow up with Dr. Michael Xu will be arranged not only to monitor progress but also to allow early detection of potential complications.
After the procedure, our team will review the post-operative instructions and care with you to make sure everything is clear. Post-operative follow-up will also be arranged. You will be given our 24-hour service contact number for any questions or concerns.
Virtually inconspicuous scars are hidden along the upper eyelid crease. With time, it blends with the natural upper eyelid crease and will be barely noticeable or easily concealed with everyday light make-up.

With our advanced skill in internal (tarsal) fixation technique, the results of your upper eyelid surgery are long lasting or permanent. This is because with this technique, the underlying support is returned to its pre-aging position. This advanced technique re-creates a natural, long-lasting, youthful shape of the upper eyelid.

Traditional techniques remove only the skin, which is not long lasting because the skin stretches with age and in extreme cases, can even cause distortion.

Upper eyelid surgery and brow lifts are complementary to each other. It is important to identify the cause of the problem. Drooping eyebrows can cause a fold of loose skin to hang beyond the upper eyelid margin. Similarly, overactive forehead muscles may occur to try to lift the brow to keep the excess upper eyelid skin out of the visual field, thereby forming forehead wrinkles. In these circumstances, a precisely well-balanced brow lift and upper eyelid surgery would be best to correct these problems. Anti-wrinkle injections to the forehead may also be required.

Upper eyelid surgery can also be performed along with other procedures such as lower eyelid surgery or removal of eye bags, facelift, neck lift or skin resurfacing.

The cost for upper eyelid surgery depends on different factors such as your eyelid structure and the type of surgical technique required.

For us to give you an exact quote, please make an appointment to see Dr Xu for a consultation.