Professional Medical Skin Care

Restore Cosmetic and Skin Surgery

Restore Cosmetic and Skin Surgery offers services for treatment of problematic skin conditions, with special focus on skin of the face. All treatments are performed by dermal clinician Leling Yao, with more than 18 years experience in dealing with a broad range of skin conditions, allowing her unique insight into the methods of treatment which are most effective.

Having healthy skin not only makes you feel more confident and look more radiant, but it is also important for your general health. The skin is the body’s largest organ, a vital part of our immune system, our first-line defence against illness and an essential part of our waste removal system. This means it is especially prone to damage. Caring for your skin is the best way to ensure you look your best now and in the future.

Services offered at RCSS are medical grade and non-invasive using the most up-to-date technology to help reduce unwanted wrinkles, improve acne recovery time, minimise scarring and help achieve a more even skin tone. Treatments have no recovery time and are tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

Healthy skin is a reflection of inner health; therefore at RCSS we believe a holistic approach to our patients will help them achieve the best results possible. Before any treatment all patients receive a 30 min skin consultation, which fully assesses their health and lifestyle factors enabling the best treatment plan to be formulated. During the consultation, advice will also be given regarding various skincare products. The consultation fee is fully redeemable on commencement of the first treatment.


CosMedix CosMedix is a brand of skin care products and the uniqueness of CosMedix is it gives a healthy complexion through natural treatment and devoid of irritation or toxic effects. CosMedix brand skin care products are recognized as fine and skin-friendly brand because these products are made from natural skin rejuvenating ingredients and moreover the science of chirality will be employed in purifying the natural products.

CosMedix products contain high concentrations of active ingredients that help us attain enhanced treatment results with the least possible discomfort and downtime. As they are free of synthetic chemicals, they make your skin look and feel its best. CosMedix is devoid of irritants. CosMedix products stimulate your skin and increase the natural healing capacity by working as anti-inflammatory products. Some of the conditions for which these products can be used include exfoliation of acne prone skin, lightening the skin in those having hyperpigmentation and as antioxidants for aging skin. Various kinds of skin peels are available that can soothe your skin and induce production of collagen. Overall, these products make your skin healthy and beautiful.


NeoStrataNeoStrata skin care products are the most recommended and acceptable brands all over the world. These products are formulated using substances that are effective enough to improve the visible signs of ageing and sunburns. These products are also used to treat skin conditions such as acne, dry skin, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

NeoStrata products are time-tested products. They are free of any kind of fragrance or dye. There is a large array of products specially made for the face and the body having different concentrations of AHA and PHA. The AHAs sink into the dermal layer and remove the dead cells, thus refining and softening your skin. With NeoStrata you can have a healthy, younger looking skin from within.


Complete Philosophy

CosMedixOsmosis is achieving remarkable results because we give the skin the tools it needs to perform at an optimal level. Osmosis use Zinc Finger Technology to repair DNA, stem cell derived growth factors to enhance immune function and remodelling efforts, to increase scar tissue remodelling, and other ingredients to increase the skin’s circulation/nutrition, and other collagen stimulators to maximize dermal thickening efforts. The combination of all of these components is unique because they each work with the skin’s natural remodeling efforts. When combined they create such a healthy state that the skin repairs its imperfections and reverses sun damage without irritation or inflammation.

Dermal Focus

Osmosis is intent on targeting the dermis with the vast majority of its ingredients. This is achieved with liposomal delivery which is proven to increase penetration by 600%. Every Osmosis serum utilizes this technology which means our collection of the best skincare technology the world has to offer is getting to the dermis where aging actually occurs.

Barrier Repair

Osmosis is leading a new strategy away from daily forced exfoliation by returning the attention to where aging and damage really occur, the dermis. We have found that we can increase the epidermal turnover rate through increasing the skin’s nutrition and stimulating activity at the dermal level. This maintains a healthy, accelerated turnover rate while also keeping the protective barrier intact. The net effect is more moisture, less sun damage and better skin health while true skin remodeling is occurring in the dermis.