Nose Re-shaping

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What are the benefits of nose re-shaping?

The nose is a very important feature of the face. Even small improvements in the contour of the nose can improve the symmetry and beauty of the face boosting self-image and confidence. Minor defects in the shape of the nose can be corrected by using nonsurgical nose reshaping procedure.

How and why is it performed?

Non-surgical nose reshaping procedure is performed to achieve the desired contour of the nose. It is used to build the bridge of the nose, improve the shape and height of the tip of the nose, even out the nose hump and correct small defects of rhinoplasty.

What are the advantages of reshaping the nose with fillers?

  • It is non-invasive
  • It has no recovery time and shows immediate improvement
  • The whole procedure takes only 30 minutes
  • It is more affordable
  • You can interact with the Cosmetic Surgery Practitioner during the procedure to fine tune the desired results
  • The results are not permanent and can be redone if you are not happy with the results after its effect fades away
  • It can be used in place of revision rhinoplasty to correct small deformities without any complicationss

What can I expect following the procedure?

There may be some bruising and swelling after the procedure which subsides within two days. The results of nonsurgical nose reshaping are temporary and last for about two years. Repeated treatments are required for maintenance.