Double Eyelid Surgery

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Double eyelid surgery is one of the most satisfying operation, both for the patient and the surgical practitioner.  Please Click here to see some before and after photos in our photo gallery.

In Asian facial aesthetics, the standard of beauty is based on certain specific defining features. At this present time, with evolution and changing perception, the contemporary definition of beauty is combined with previous historical standards, causing one to desire a youthful, vibrant appearance without abandoning one's ethnic individuality.

In this page, we talk about:

  1. What makes the Asian eyelid unique
  2. What are the benefits of having double eyelid surgery
  3. What are the different styles and orientations of double eyelid crease

To learn more about the different techniques, how to prepare, length of recovery, risks and possible side effects, before and after galleries and FAQs, please visit our page at Asian Double Eyelid Surgery.

What makes the Asian eyelid unique?

Certain differences make the Asian aesthetics unique and therefore require special consideration.

There are three main differences between Asian and Caucasian with respect to upper eyelid:

  1. Asian eyelids contain more prominent fat resulting in greater lid fullness
  2. The presence, position, and depth of the upper eyelid crease are highly variable in Asians
  3. Many Asian upper eyelids are characterised by an inner corner eyelid fold also known as medial epicanthal fold

“Double upper eyelid” refers to the discernable upper eyelid crease.  When the eye is open, this crease naturally divides the upper eyelid into 2 components, forming a “double lid”.

Dr. Michael Xu is a highly trained Cosmetic Surgery Practitioner with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of Asian eyelid surgery. With over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Xu's precision, skill and ability to produce natural exquisite results is highly regarded by his clients.

What are the benefits of having double eyelid surgery?

Adults of all ages choose double eyelid surgery to gain one or more of the following improvements:

  1. Making eyes look bigger and more expressive
  2. Women, as well as men who have undergone double eyelid surgery have testified that their eye expression and beauty has increased exponentially, furthermore it has helped their confidence and self-esteem.

  3. Better symmetry of the eyes and improved facial harmony
  4. One of the benefits of double eyelid surgery is that the eyelids will become more equal in appearance and hence enhance facial harmony. For Asian women and men, improved symmetry is a must in order to gain that perfect look.

  5. Creating or enhancing the upper eyelid fold
  6. The eyes play an important part in one’s appearance.  It is the eyes that draw the first attention of people when they look at your face.  With double eyelid surgery, a natural upper eyelid fold can be achieved providing freshness and life to the eyes. 

  7. Raising and defining the upper eyelid crease
  8. Without the natural fold of the upper eyelid, the eyes may look flat and tired.  A well-defined and raised upper eyelid crease makes the eyes look youthful and alert. 

  9. Improving the results of eye makeup
  10. Women regard this as one of the most notable benefits of double eyelid surgery.  You will spend less time in front of the mirror and be able to reap all the benefits of professional makeup.

  11. Reducing puffiness, excess skin and fat
  12. Puffiness, excess skin and fat can be reduced using a specific specialised technique of double eyelid surgery.  In addition, removal of eye bags or lower eyelid surgery may be performed at the same time for complete eye rejuvenation.

What are the different styles and orientations of double eyelid crease?

At least 50% of East Asians have a “single eyelid” or absence of the upper eyelid crease.  Moreover, a small population has a partial eyelid crease, which is one that is not well defined, and may not extend entirely across the eyelid.  Another variation is the asymmetric eyelid crease where there is presence of a crease on one eye but not on the other.

Dr. Michael Xu has a mastery of designing and creating different elegant and natural looking styles or orientations of double eyelid.    Choosing the right style is essential, as several factors, such as the shape of the eyes and face, distance between the eyes, distance of the eye and brow, distance of the forehead, need to be carefully considered.

The three most popular styles are:

  1. Tapering crease with lateral flare

    The outer lid-to-crease distance is slightly wider than the inner lid-to-crease distance.  The inner crease starts directly from the inner corner of the eye.

  2. Parallel eyelid crease

    With the parallel eyelid crease, the inner end of the crease does not meet the inner corner of the eye.  It forms an equal distance from the inner lid-to-crease all the way to the outer lid-to-crease.

  3. Eurasian style eyelid crease

    Perhaps the most popular and often requested by many, Eurasian style eyelid crease has a deeper and higher crease that is often seen in mixed Asian and Caucasian (“Eurasian”) faces.  It is similar to the first style (tapering crease with lateral flare) but inner crease not touching the inner corner of the eye.  It gives a more 3-D appearance to the eyes.

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