Fat grafting and breast

Fat grafting and breast

Fat grafting or fat transfer is a technique used by many cosmetic surgeons for enhancing the outcomes of aesthetic surgery. It involves harvesting fat from areas where it is present in excess (such as abdomen and thighs) and injecting to another area.

Fat grafting had proved very efficient for facial rejuvenation and in treating small areas of concern. It is also used in conjunction with breast implant augmentation.

Body weight of the patient should be stable at the time of the procedure because injected fat will retain the quality of the fat deposits in the donor site. If the patient loses weight after fat grafting, she will lose some of the benefits of the procedure.

This procedure is less complication rate as the tissues are from patient’s own – no foreign body used. Up to 40% of transferred fat can be successfully resorbed. Final volume is reached in 3 to 4 months and is stable over time if the patient maintains a constant weight.

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