What are the nonsurgical skin rejuvenation techniques to manage facial wrinkles?

There are a number of nonsurgical techniques that can be performed as an outpatient for addressing facial wrinkles. They can be performed separately but are often used together depending on the desired aesthetic goals.

  1. Anti-wrinkle injection is used to relax the underlying muscles to prevent wrinkles in the overlying skin. It prevents continuous movement and stress on the skin thereby improving the appearance of aging wrinkling skin. Anti-wrinkle injection is also used in facial reshaping by reducing muscle thickness or elevating drooping tissue by balancing the muscle activities surrounding the area.
  2. Lasers, IPL (intense pulse light), chemical peels or dermabrasion are used not only to improve the quality of skin but also to reduce wrinkles. This method has different downtime periods depending on the depth and surface area treated as the layers of the skin needs time to heal.
  3. Fillers are injectable solutions used to augment areas where youthful facial volume is lost. It is also used to fill up fine lines and creases.

Treatment objectives should be to prevent, restore or reverse the cause of the problem. Ideal treatment should be individualised according to the patient’s features and tolerance for the therapeutic options.

In Restore Cosmetic Surgery, we offer a comprehensive analysis of your facial features and tailor each of your concerns with the safest possible and most effective method to help you achieve a natural looking youthful version of yourself.